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Made it to the Front Page!

We’ve kind of been MIA lately – swamped with work in our “real lives” where we own and operate a shaved ice business on the beach. We moved from Michigan to Florida last June to buy Beach Snoballs – an artisan shaved ice shop across the street from the Gulf of Mexico in Treasure Island, Florida. I know, rough life, right? Spring breakers and tourists have consumed us this month but today, we made it to the FRONT PAGE of the local beach newspaper! The Pinellas Beaches Patch interviewed us and took some great pictures of our storefront and of us shaving/making a customer’s snoball. Click here to read our article!

Photo credit: Rachel Jolley of the Pinellas Beaches Patch

And a little side note: The businesses around Treasure Island are having a contest for Best Customer Service on the Beach. Beach Snoballs has made it to the Elite 8 but we need VOTES to move on to the next round. If you would be willing to take a few seconds to click the link below and vote for BEACH SNOBALLS in the contest, we would greatly appreciate your support.

You don’t have to have visited our shop before to vote – anyone can vote! And you can submit votes from multiple devices (phones, laptops, desktops, iPads, etc.). So the more votes we can accumulate between now and Monday at noon, the better! THANK YOU to all!

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Check out my featured guest post about visiting Hong Kong!

1001 Scribbles

Visiting Hong Kong had always been on my bucket list. Huge city, bright lights, lots of people… I love it all. And nothing says “adventure” like a congested Asian city in the middle of summer.

I arrived from Tianjin, China after a stint teaching English to high-schoolers. Navigating the octopus (Hong Kong’s public subway system) went just fine but making my way through the busy streets was a disaster. The pack on my back was nearly ripping at the seams from being stuffed with 3 tea sets that I so proudly haggled for at the Chinese markets and behind me, I toted a rolling suitcase that I bought from a grocery store in Tianjin. No sooner did I make it above ground did the wheels of my suitcase pop off, the straps tore and the zippers burst – almost all on cue. Dragging my belongings down the sidewalk, I trekked…

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NEW Gear for Spring & Summer!

Did you think we forgot about you?  Sorry for the infrequent posts, it’s just that we’ve been hard at work tying knew gear for the Spring/Summer 2012 season. Check out some of our latest designs! All of our gear can be found at our online store Top Knotch Gear on Etsy.

New for pups:
A dog collar where the paracord is integrated into the nylon collar.  Not just tied over, the paracord is woven right into the collar, making it strong, reliable and fully customizable.  It’s got a heavyweight metal buckle and welded d-ring, and comes in all of your favorite colors.

Adjustable paracord and nylon dog collar tied in custom colors!

Part of our new ladies line:
This is a slip-on bracelet tied from a 2mm (thin) black cord.  The black part is stretchy, so one size fits most, and it’s got a double silver chain that dresses it up a bit.  Below that is another bracelet tied in the same style, but with yellow flecked cord.

Our black slip-on knot and silver chain bracelet is tied in 2 mm nylon cord. We like to call it "rugged sophistication."

Same as above but tied in 1.5 mm black- and yellow-flecked cord!

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