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Top Knotch Gear was launched in August, 2010. It is an online store that specializes in hand-knotted adventure gear made of various types of cords and ropes. Constructed for the unexpected, TKG sells bracelets, keychains, fobs, collars, luggage tags and other gear that is perfect for the seasoned traveler and the everyday adventurer! The knots are tied so you can unravel the item, yielding several feet of military grade parachute cord. Cord is tested to 550lbs, so whether you broke your shoelace or you you need to tie down the load in your truck, Top Knotch Gear is there when you need it

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TKG was debuted with the idea that profit from the company’s sales will fund our year-long circumnavigation of the globe. The trip will begin (ideally) in 2013, will span 5 continents and include visits to over 40 countries. This gap-year will consist of hostel hopping, community volunteering, teaching English, snorkeling, climbing mountains and visiting historical and sacred sites. It is a time for us to see and explore the world, interact with new cultures, learn new languages and engage in once-in-a-lifetime adventures that can only be had when we step outside of our comfort zones. Each purchase made through TKG is put away in our ‘trip jar’ and left untouched so that 100% of the profits will go to support a unique excursion.
Welcome aboard and thanks for your support!

You can find Top Knotch Gear on the web at any of these locations:

Our Etsy store –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Email –

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  1. Great products! I just started making the paracord bracelets a few months back. Quite an addictive hobby for me.

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