We’d like to use this page as a virtual “book and movie swap” – a place where we can exchange ideas and titles for great travel reads or travel films. We’ll share what we’re currently reading/watching and we hope you’ll do the same! I (Morgan) am a hoarder when it comes to travel books… especially ones I can find at the library. Have a favorite travel author or travel movie? Know of an awesomely inspiring read? Leave a comment and let us know what you recommend! We’re open to all ideas about any subject!


Another inspiring book about how to lead an adventurous life AND make money. Perfect for small business owners or anyone even thinking about starting his/her own business. This book will PUMP YOU UP.



Very inspiring and a great motivator if you’re looking for change

One couple’s journey across the country exploring all things goat cheese. This book makes me hungry! A must-read for food and cheese lovers.

He will make you laugh out loud! More of his books are below.

Great for female travelers especially – stories of selling everything and living in Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand… full of first-hand experiences with locals.

One couple’s humorous trip around the world! The book that initially inspired us to plan our globetrotting adventure.

Way better than the movie.

Absolutely HILARIOUS – highly recommended!

Also written by the same author as above – super funny and worth the read.

The dude’s a pessimist and has a hysterical outlook on the world. Goes to some of the happiest and saddest places on earth and reviews them. Ha!

When he’s dumped at the alter, the author decides to keep his honeymoon reservations and travel with his brother instead. One country leads to another and before he knows it, he’s exploring the world!

Quite possibly the best around-the-world guide we’ve found so far. Great tips, helpful financial breakdowns, and amazingly inspirational all at the same time. READ IT!!

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  1. This is an incredible book list! I don’t even know where to start.

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