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Happy Holidays from TKG!

We’d like to wish all of our followers and fans of Top Knotch Gear a happy holiday season and cheers to a great New Year! Below are some various Christmas pictures we took on Instagram. (We’re addicted to Instagram!) Safe travels!











Ann Arbor



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Grand Canyon Reflection

September’s aviator sunglasses make such a great backdrop for photos. This is a reflection of the Grand Canyon that I snapped on our road trip!

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

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Travel Tip for this week:


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How to Live Better (by playing the ukulele)

A little over a month ago, I decided it was time for a new “challenge.” I was bored – bored with work, bored with what was on tv… bored with my life. I thought about training for a marathon but it was mid summer in Florida (way too hot.) I thought about buying a plane ticket to Bangkok to visit my old roommate (way too expensive). I needed something stimulating, something rich that wouldn’t break my [very small] bank….

…. I decided to teach myself how to play the ukulele.

YouTube is a great site for learning new things. There are more resources for how to play the ukulele than I know what to do with! So between books at the library, free websites/teaching tools and YouTube, I am slowly (and enthusiastically) navigating my way around the island sounds.

With tax, this new “challenge” only cost $32.00!

Learning to play a musical instrument on your own time is great because it’s just that – on your own time. I do my best to carve out an hour here and there to practice my cords and my Beach Boys songs but if we get busy at our shaved ice stand and I’m too tired to serenade September at midnight, then I can just practice some other time. There’s no pressure, no hurry… it’s a ukulele, after all, one of the most laid back instruments in the world.

I enjoy bringing my little uke to the beach and practicing on the sand. Thankfully, it’s pretty quiet. So my fellow beach-goers can’t get too annoyed by hearing Home on the Range over and over again.

If YOU’RE looking for ways to better your life, liven up the monotony or challenge yourself to a new hobby, click here – It’s 50 Life Secrets and Tips. There’s something for everyone! Enoy!

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NEW Gear for Spring & Summer!

Did you think we forgot about you?  Sorry for the infrequent posts, it’s just that we’ve been hard at work tying knew gear for the Spring/Summer 2012 season. Check out some of our latest designs! All of our gear can be found at our online store Top Knotch Gear on Etsy.

New for pups:
A dog collar where the paracord is integrated into the nylon collar.  Not just tied over, the paracord is woven right into the collar, making it strong, reliable and fully customizable.  It’s got a heavyweight metal buckle and welded d-ring, and comes in all of your favorite colors.

Adjustable paracord and nylon dog collar tied in custom colors!

Part of our new ladies line:
This is a slip-on bracelet tied from a 2mm (thin) black cord.  The black part is stretchy, so one size fits most, and it’s got a double silver chain that dresses it up a bit.  Below that is another bracelet tied in the same style, but with yellow flecked cord.

Our black slip-on knot and silver chain bracelet is tied in 2 mm nylon cord. We like to call it "rugged sophistication."

Same as above but tied in 1.5 mm black- and yellow-flecked cord!

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Travel Tip Tuesday!

Today’s tip comes a little late but is very valuable. The tip: Date a girl who travels! Aleah, the Solitary Wander, is a solo traveler who has all kinds of adventures and words of wisdom. Her latest post is about all the reasons why girls who travel make great partners. They are special because of their unique travel experiences, the misadventures they have run into while traveling and their humility they have developed from seeing and experiencing the world.

READ THE WHOLE POST HERE!!! It’s awesome. And it will make your heart flutter for that special someone.

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Why We Love Florida

Moving to Florida (we bought a beachside business on the Gulf) has been absolutely fantastic. Besides having a great starting location for our travels with easy access to the Caribbean, Mexico, Cuba and Central America, it’s warm even in the winter, we get an abundance of Vitamin D, there are palm trees and grapefruit trees in our back yard and the wildlife is awesome. We’re both from the midwest (Michigan and Pennsylvania), so the tropical flora and fauna are very exotic to us. (How often can you just pull off at a roadside park and see live gators!?). If you have never been to Florida or are looking for great location for a getaway, we highly recommend the Sunshine State. Oh, and stop by our shop – Beach Snoballs – on Treasure Island – we’d love to meet you!

This is a picture I took while we were moving into our new house – I found this little guy crawling on our mailbox!

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Life’s a Beach

Check out this treasury on Etsy called Life’s a Beach! It’s all beach-related art by artists from all over the world! Excited for summer yet??

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No one knows you

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