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We’re BACK!

We dropped off the planet again for a while but we’re BACK! We have tons of new things in store for our online store, Top Knotch Gear, including new cords, new gear and an entirely new Ladies Line of survival bracelets and gear. In addition, we’re working on a new book that’s all about our paracord projects! (Due to hit shelves in early Spring 2013.) Now that the shaved ice season is slowing down, we’ll be back to posting about budget travel, adventures, fun things to see and do around the world and our favorite, Travel Tip Tuesdays! For now, here’s a great thing we stumbled on the other day – posted by HostelBookers (a fantastic site for booking clean, safe and inexpensive hostels around the world). We’ve been guilty of a few of these (largely #3). What about you?

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NEW Gear for Spring & Summer!

Did you think we forgot about you?  Sorry for the infrequent posts, it’s just that we’ve been hard at work tying knew gear for the Spring/Summer 2012 season. Check out some of our latest designs! All of our gear can be found at our online store Top Knotch Gear on Etsy.

New for pups:
A dog collar where the paracord is integrated into the nylon collar.  Not just tied over, the paracord is woven right into the collar, making it strong, reliable and fully customizable.  It’s got a heavyweight metal buckle and welded d-ring, and comes in all of your favorite colors.

Adjustable paracord and nylon dog collar tied in custom colors!

Part of our new ladies line:
This is a slip-on bracelet tied from a 2mm (thin) black cord.  The black part is stretchy, so one size fits most, and it’s got a double silver chain that dresses it up a bit.  Below that is another bracelet tied in the same style, but with yellow flecked cord.

Our black slip-on knot and silver chain bracelet is tied in 2 mm nylon cord. We like to call it "rugged sophistication."

Same as above but tied in 1.5 mm black- and yellow-flecked cord!

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Travel Tip Tuesday!

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday today! And the theme today is light & smart packing.

The following tips are geared more toward backpackers and hikers but general travelers could definitely apply some of these, too. Below are 7 tips for smart packing:

  1. DON’T pack when you’re hungry – just like don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. You’ll pack more and spend more.
  2.  Don’t waste space on bringing items in their original packaging. If they are loose and have to be stored in something, downsize to smaller containers that aren’t as bulky.
  3. Small bottles, big help – Tiny bottles (like eye-drop bottles) make great storage containers for small amounts of soap, disinfectant, even hot sauce if you can’t live without it… which I can’t.
  4. No redundancy – if you’re traveling or hiking with a group, check to see what the others are bringing so you don’t bring any duplicates. Why carry 2 of something when you only need 1?
  5. Multitask – bring items that have multiple uses. Double-duty = more space and lighter pack.
  6. The essentials: Fire starter, food, clean water, shelter/rain gear, and sleeping bag.
  7. Don’t forget it gets DARK in nature – so pack things like your flashlight, headlamp, etc. either in the brain of your pack so you know exactly where they are or with glow-in-the-dark tape so you can find them when the lights go out. (Or you can use our GLOW paracord to help with this!)

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More New Paracord Bracelets!

We’ve been busy experimenting with new designs, new knots and new color combos. Below are a couple more new bracelets we’ve just debuted at our online store. All of them can be custom sized with your choice of color(s)! And don’t forget to ‘Like’ Top Knotch Gear on Facebook!

The Czech - Paracord Survival Bracelet

The Hammock - Paracord Survival Bracelet

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