We have submitted a proposal to Kickstarter to help us fund our publishing adventure! We’ll edit this page as the project moves forward. (Fingers crossed!)

Our project:
Hi! I’m Morgan and my girlfriend and I hope to write a resource/guide book to help female travelers (like ourselves) take their first trip around the world. If funded, we will travel on a shoestring to 5 continents and upon our return, author a book to help other women take a similar trip. The book will include (1) how to plan a trip around the world including budgeting, timing your trip, selling/storing your stuff and packing (2) country-specific profiles with info on safe and inexpensive accommodations, and suggested itineraries highlighting celebrations and festivals (3) interviews with female travelers (4) creatively documenting your adventures abroad (5) a guide to working/volunteering overseas (6) exploring the world mindfully.

Project Rewards:
If our project is funded, it is extremely important to us to thank our backers for their support. We want our backers to know how much we appreciate their donations and that they are supporting an adventure that embraces life. For these reasons, we’d like to thank our backers with the following rewards:

-Personalized e-postcard thank you
-Acknowledgement as a supporter on our website
-A handmade adjustable paracord bracelet
-Exclusive email updates from us while we’re on our trip
-E-book version of our book
-Commemorative t-shirt
-Acknowledgement as a supporter in our book
-Signed copy of our book with international shipping
-A personal feature in the “Supporters” chapter of our book
-A signed color photograph from us on our trip
-We’ll name a paracord bracelet after you!
-We’ll put your picture on a popsicle stick and take pictures with it all over the world!
-Sneak peak of our book & private Skype meeting with us
-Come travel with us! Meet us abroad!
-We’ll speak at your event/org.

Funding Goal:


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