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Hunting for Shark Teeth!

The weather has been beautiful this month – 80 degrees, sunny – and is perfect for outdoor adventures  and explorations. One of our New Year’s resolutions was to have more adventures and an item on our adventure to-do list was to hunt for shark teeth. Yesterday, September and I jumped in the car and road-tripped down to Venice, Florida to get our hunt on. Just 50 minutes south of St. Petersburg is Caspersen Beach, located in Venice – Shark Tooth Capital of the World!


I had done some research online and Caspersen was said to be the best beach for finding loads of prehistoric fossilized shark teeth. Forgetting that this is Florida’s “snow bird” season, we were not the only ones on the prowl for buried treasure. The beach was full of grannies and grandpas hunting in the water and in the sand for teeth. Not even kidding, we were probably the only people there who were under 65! While I had read that the best way to find teeth is to use a “Florida Shovel” aka a wire basket on a stick on it (retailing for nearly $30!), September thought we could do just fine with our dollar store pasta strainer.

September looking for shark teeth with our strainer. Ha!

September looking for shark teeth with our strainer. Ha!

I was very reluctant at first and afraid of looking like a rookie but the more crowded the beach was, the more makeshift devices we saw! While I had read that the teeth are usually found along the water’s edge, Sep overheard a man explaining that the teeth are everywhere – in the water AND in the sand. Once you realize what you’re looking for, the teeth can be found in the sand right under your beach chair!

Sep dug around in the sand like an archeologist on a mission!

Sep dug around in the sand like an archeologist on a mission!

Apparently, the teeth on the beach are fossils some thousands (millions, maybe?) years old. They range in size and while we only found small teeth, we spoke to a woman who combed the water and found one tooth that was nearly 2 inches!

Our loot

Our loot

Next time, we’ll come prepared with a heavy duty sifter and search the water for larger teeth. Hopefully the water won’t be as cold for September!

September doesn't like to go in the water until it's in the 80's (at least!).

September doesn’t like to go in the water until it’s in the 80’s (at least!).

Growing up in Michigan, I used to swim in the Lake when it was in the 60’s – so the cooler Gulf temperatures don’t really bother me. I climbed the rocks and waded in the water collecting and sifting through sand.

A rock covered in soft, fluffy seaweed. It felt like carpet!

A rock covered in soft, fluffy seaweed. It felt like carpet!

You can’t beat a warm January in Florida and we thing winter is a great time to be a tourist in our own state. We’re excited to go back to Caspersen Beach and find more shark teeth. Who knows? Maybe they’ll make their way onto some Top Knotch Gear paracord survival bracelets!




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Paracord + Color = Awesome Picture

This is a sweet shot I snapped of September’s Top Knotch Gear bracelet, the Peru, during the Color Run. Have a cool pic of your TKG gear? Post here or on our Facebook page for everyone else to see! Need some gear? Check out our store – we’re constantly adding new designs, cords and cool stuff so you’re ready for your adventures.


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NEW Cords and Gear!

Just in time for the start of holiday shopping are new cords and gear, here at TKG! We’ve added paracord with reflective tracer, glow-in-the-dark paracord, colored contoured side-release buckles and we’ll be debuting a ton of new bracelets shortly. Don’t forget that we specialize in custom orders and have some of the best prices you’ll find online. In just over the 2 years we’ve been open, we have over 1,400 sales! Check out Top Knotch Gear’s sweet selection here.



NEW colored contoured side-release buckles

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We’re BACK!

We dropped off the planet again for a while but we’re BACK! We have tons of new things in store for our online store, Top Knotch Gear, including new cords, new gear and an entirely new Ladies Line of survival bracelets and gear. In addition, we’re working on a new book that’s all about our paracord projects! (Due to hit shelves in early Spring 2013.) Now that the shaved ice season is slowing down, we’ll be back to posting about budget travel, adventures, fun things to see and do around the world and our favorite, Travel Tip Tuesdays! For now, here’s a great thing we stumbled on the other day – posted by HostelBookers (a fantastic site for booking clean, safe and inexpensive hostels around the world). We’ve been guilty of a few of these (largely #3). What about you?

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New Designs, New Colors, Same Awesomeness

We’ve been playing with some new knots and bracelet styles over the past week and here’s some of what we came up with!

The Piranha - 550 paracord survival bracelet in custom colors

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More New Paracord Bracelets!

We’ve been busy experimenting with new designs, new knots and new color combos. Below are a couple more new bracelets we’ve just debuted at our online store. All of them can be custom sized with your choice of color(s)! And don’t forget to ‘Like’ Top Knotch Gear on Facebook!

The Czech - Paracord Survival Bracelet

The Hammock - Paracord Survival Bracelet

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