Aloha! Christmas Luau – Part 1

Every Christmas Eve, my family gets together for a wild celebration. It’s super laid back, there’s lots of laughs and a fantastic amount of food and booze. Two years ago, September and I decided to turn our Christmas Eve soirees into a full-blown themed bash! And this year, we’re having a Christmas Luau! (My ukulele was part of the inspiration.) We hunted through the Goodwill stores here in St. Petersburg for Hawaiian shirts for everyone (they’re difficult to find this time of year up in Michigan) and some of them are so tacky! In order to get everyone excited for the luau, we sent them personalized invitations – messages in a bottle.

These little crafts were easy, fun and cheap!


This project was actually really inexpensive! We recycled some plastic bottles from work, snipped a few Sea Grape leaves from a plant in our yard, and used some leftover scrapbook paper from a previous project.



We rolled the paper in Sea Grape leaves, tied them with hemp (thanks Top Knotch Gear!) and put them in the bottles.

We left a string of hem

We left a string of hemp for recipients to pull in order to get their invitations out of the bottle – all bottles had sand and shells in the bottom (sand and shells from our beach!)



Turns out, you can mail anything as long as it has the correct postage! It only cost $2 per bottle for postage.



We fly up to Michigan tomorrow and will post more pictures of the family “hut” and decor. This party will definitely be one to remember – even if the memories are a bit foggy.

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