Destination: SAN FRANCISCO!

The drive from Truckee to San Francisco was quick and easy  – only 3 hours. And we avoided any navigational surprises! We passed Napa Valley on our way but we’ll save the wine tours for another trip.

Wine truck!

We arrived in Mill Valley Friday evening and were greeted by September’s wonderful family – many beers to follow.

Mill Valley is just north of downtown San Francisco, on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The weekend that we were in San Francisco also happened to be the busiest weekend in the city. The America’s Cup (sailing race) was taking place in the Bay, it was Fleet Week (U.S. Navy) and the Blue Angels (fighter planes) were in town, and there were numerous street fairs in the different neighborhoods. So much to see and do! Saturday morning, we took the ferry into downtown San Francisco to explore for the day. Our first stop was the Ferry Building – a ferry terminal/indoor marketplace lined with unique and local shopping stalls.

Our favorite was Far West Fungi – a mushroom shop.

All kinds of ‘shrooms!

We also thought this one was funny:

Tasty salted pig parts. Enough said.

We perused the various vendors and restaurants, coffee shops and book stores and eventually decided to do brunch at a Mexican café – Mijita. We sampled the fish tacos and the veggie tacos. And I had a delicious margarita made with fresh lime juice. It may have only been 11am in San Fran but it was happy hour somewhere!

Veggie tacos (above), fresh margarita, fish tacos (below)


We walked around the city, taking in the hustle and bustle, getting lost in the crowds. There was so much to see and do, and not knowing our way around at all made for a fun adventure. When in doubt, follow the crowds. We did just that and found ourselves in the heart of the America’s Cup races with the Blue Angels flying overhead!

Coast Guard boat shooting off water cannons

Happy Fleet Week!

The Blue Angeles air show

San Francisco’s weather is very different from Florida’s, obviously. It was 60-65 degrees when we were there (we’re used to 80+), so we were a little chilly. When the fog lifted, it was beautiful in the sun!

So warm in the sun!

We walked about 2 miles to Pier 39 (a fun tourist trap), to do some shopping and see the infamous San Francisco sea lions!

The sea lions sit on the docks in the sun. They’re VERY noisy, like to fight and don’t smell so hot. But it was great to see them!

We even listened to the Navy band!

It was a little cold in the shade

We caught the ferry back to Mill Valley and deemed it a successful first day of exploring the city. It was nice to be off the road and back in a house – we always have such a great time relaxing with September’s extended family.

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