Day 6: Yosemite to Tahoe, CA

We decided to splurge at Yosemite and stay at a lodge right outside of the park. Our room had a fireplace and massive jacuzzi and it overlooked a beautiful river. The weather was great and we enjoyed sitting outside on our balcony the next morning drinking coffee in the big outdoors.

Complimentary moose mug for my morning coffee

We were up early to explore the park just after sunrise. There was so much to see!

Big boulder on the side of the road

Elevation 5,000 feet!

In the spring, this is Yosemite Falls but in the fall, there isn’t much water. Guess we’ll just have to go back and see it again!

El Capitan in the sunrise

September next to the cliffs!

Valley in the sun

We didn’t see any bears but they’re out there!

We saw climbers taking on El Capitan the night before – in the dark!


Half Dome and its reflection

Classic Half Dome shot

The flood level was high that year!

Lots of campers in Yosemite. We would LOVE to camp there.

Valley view

15 attempts later, we finally took a good picture!


September sat on the edge of the cliff for this picture. So intense!

We left Yosemite and headed to Truckee, CA to visit one of September’s best friends! Truckee is right outside of Tahoe, near the California/Nevada border. I really bombed on the navigation for this leg. I was convinced the drive was only 3.5 hours but I failed to consider the slow speeds through Yosemite and the endless curvy roads… so the trip took nearly 7 hours. But it was so great to see friends!

Courtney, Hudson (7 weeks old), September and me!

We hiked a great trail off of Donner Pass Rd and at the top, there’s a pretty lookout over Donner Lake!

We had such fun time hanging out in Truckee. The sunrise the following morning was awesome!

Sunrise over Donner Lake

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