Day 3 – San Antonio to Tucson

Day 3 – San Antonio to Tucson
We woke up early today to explore some of San Antonio. Staying just 2 blocks from downtown, we were able to walk to the Alamo and snap some pictures during sunrise. The stone wall that surrounds the Alamo cathedral takes up the whole block but the Alamo itself (the structure everyone knows) is open to the public for pictures. So just like typical tourists, we took tons of pictures of ourselves in front of the monument.

The Alamo in San Antonio, TX

My mom had suggested we see something called The Riverwalk downtown. What a cool place! It’s known as, ‘the Venice of the U.S.’ because of all the river ways and canal streets that run through the city. Irish pubs and fancy restaurants line the canals and tour boats putz down the water giving tours to the tourists. We LOVED this area. It was so cute and so artsy, we vowed to check budget flights once we get home to see if we can come back and visit for a long weekend.

San Antonio’s River Walk

One last site to see before we left San Antonio was a giant pair of cowboy boots!

We had mixed feelings about driving through Texas, mostly because there’s a lot of distance to cover and boring. But we were so enthralled with the change in landscape, that driving clear across the giant state was really great! Up until today, much of the landscape looked the same. Florida had a few more palm trees, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana looked a little swampy and Texas looked similar to the Midwest. But west of San Antonio things started looking really dry and desert-like. There were hills/mountains, plateaus and lots of desert shrubs.

We stopped in El Paso for dinner because I wanted ‘authentic’ Mexican
Food. The little restaurant we decided on was next to a cemetery and just the hole-in-the-wall place I was craving! Lots of locals at a restaurant is a perfect indicator of a good food find. J & L Mexican was delicious! My enchiladas were divine and September said her tacos were fantastic. Yum!

After dinner it was back to the open road for the final 4 hours of our day as we headed to Tucson. Luckily, we crossed another time zone and gained another hour of daylight (and sleep time). Sunsets in the southwest seem to last for hours. The sun went down over the highway in New Mexico as we drove west and the colors just lingered in the sky forever. So pretty!


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  1. That Riverwalk looks very beautiful!

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