Day 2 – Gulfport, MS to San Antonio, TX

Day 2:
We left Gulfport around 9 this morning. We forgot that Mississippi is in a different time zone, so it felt like we gained an extra hour to explore! Our first site of the day was the world’s largest rocking chair at the Dedeaux Furniture Store in Gulfport, just down the street from our hotel. The chair is 35feet tall and is made from telephone poles! It is HUGE. Luckily we beat the crowds and were the only ones snapping pictures of the chair… In the rain.

Back in the car, we headed to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for our next destination- a giant root beer mug! The Frostop is a 1950’s diner famous for its homemade root beer. It is DELICIOUS!! I’ve never had root beer this good! I could taste the real vanilla in every sip. We met Madonna, a very gracious, super smiley server who told us all about the diner’s history and the awesome root beer they make in-house. If you eat inside the diner, all of the root beer comes served in frosty mugs! So after a couple orders of French fries, a chocolate shake and 2 cups of root beer (free refills!), we jumped back in the car to make the drive to Texas!


We saw sugar cane fields for the first time in west Louisiana. They looked kind of like tall dune grass.

In Beaumont, Texas, we visited the world’s largest fire hydrant outside the Texas Fire Museum.


Next stop: the beer can house. It’s a house/museum made of and decorated with beer cans, tops and tabs. The weirdest part – it’s in a really nice suburb of Houston. Neighboring houses were super nice and expensive cars with Stanford Alumni plates were parked in driveways.

Next we saw a 50-foot saxophone! (It’s made of car parts.)

We detoured slightly to swing past the teepee motel in Wharton, TX one of only four in operation in the US. After years in the spotlight, the motel closed in 1980 when few drivers strayed from the newer, faster interstate to explore Business Route 59. It was remodeled and opened again in 2006 by a local lottery winner!

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