Coffee Guide – Day 4

Here’s to day 3 of my coffee guide around the world! Read MSNBC Itineraries’ article here.

Spain: Café Bombon
Espresso & condensed milk – usually in layers. Sounds pretty to look at but not my cup of tea…or coffee, rather.

Morocco: Café des Épices
Coffee mixed with a variety of Moroccan spices! Everything from cardamom to black pepper is mixed into the coffee, depending on the occasion (or mood of the brewer.)

France: Café au Lait
Coffee with LOTS of warm milk – usually for dunking baguettes. (I’d be more interested in the baguettes and breakfast pastries than the French coffee, but that’s just me.)

Pieces of reindeer- or cow-milk cheese in a cup of black coffee.  Who would have thought that coffee and reindeer cheese go well together?

Ireland: Irish Coffee
Yes, just like we know it here in the states: hot coffee, sugar, Irish whiskey and whipped cream – the morning pick-me-up for college students!

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