Kickstarter is a fantastic site that hypes crowd-funding for various creative projects ranging from publishing to photography, dance to design.

How it works: If you have an idea for a project (it has to be finite), you submit a proposal to the Kickstarter team. Your proposal outlines the basic project ideas, rewards for people who donate to you, and what the money you raise will be used for. (You can’t raise money for charity, loans or a company). Once your proposal is accepted, you make a video explaining your project to help encourage backers (aka: people who donate money to you and back your project) to fund your project. All projects have a fundraising goal ($) and a deadline – 30 or 60 days – and only fully-funded projects are put into action. Because Kickstarter is all-or-nothing, if the project does not get full funding within the deadline, backers are not charged for their donations.

There are GREAT projects on Kickstarter! People are so creative and have awesome ideas for projects. We highly recommend checking out the website and maybe donating, too!

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