Coffee Guide – Day 3

Day 3 of my coffee guide around the world! Read MSNBC Itineraries’ article here.

Cuba: Cubano
Raw sugar + espresso-like shot = a good way to spend 75¢.

IndonesiaKopi Luwak
*Disclaimer: This one is gross.* Civets (mammals native to Asia that looks like a cross between a cat, a weasel and a cheetah) eat coffee berries and then poop the coffee beans. Farmers sift through the crap to get the beans and then make your brew. Like it bold? Intestinal enzymes help make the beans smoother and give a richer taste. I think I’ll pass on coffee when we get to Indonesia.

MalaysiaPak Kopi/Kopi Putih/Bai Ka-fe
This coffee is either roasted in palm oil margarine – a lighter roast- or traditional Malaysian coffee is roasted with sugar AND margarine – giving it a darker roast. (I think Paula Dean would approve).

Argentina: Cortado 
It’s simple and no thrills: An espresso shot with a splash of milk.

Australia/New Zealand: Flat White
Coffee and steamed milk mixed together. But no frothy, bubbly foam, so it’s not a latté. (Even though it is made with “micro-foam” from the bottom of the steaming carafe.). Sounds like a latté to me, kiwis!

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One thought on “Coffee Guide – Day 3

  1. My former addiction *sigh*

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