Caffeine Guide – Day 2

Day 2 of the caffeine guide! Read MSNBC Itineraries’ article here.

Turkey: Türk Kahvesi
Thick and dark, this will look more like mud than actual coffee. Yummy.

Hong Kong: Yuangyang
I’ve actually never had this drink any of the times I was in HK. It’s a combo of coffee and black tea with milk – talk about BUZZ!

Greece: Frappé
This is just like those cheap frozen drinks you’ll see on a breakfast-chain menu in the states. Frozen, ultra sweet, high in calories and made with instant coffee. But if you choose this sweet concoction, do like the locals and get it like James Bond – shaken, not stirred.

India: Kappi
Similar to New Orleans, this coffee is brewed with chicory (giving a rich depth to the taste) but is aerated before it’s served. Sounds delicious!

Vietnam: Ca Phe Sua Da
Hot water poured over a filter with coffee into a cup of sweetened condensed milk. Blah.

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2 thoughts on “Caffeine Guide – Day 2

  1. Make sure you visit NZ & of course OZ and make time for the heavenly ‘flat white’. Then you can add to your coffee guide 🙂

    Good luck in your adventures & love the TKG products.

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