Caffeine Guide to the World – Day 1

This week, I’m posting a series of “guides” each day to various coffee drinks and caffeinated beverages around the world. If you’re addicted to that morning jolt (I totally am) and to travel, this series will feature a handful of countries each day and a profile on their signature red-eye concoctions.

My favorite refreshments are water, beer and coffee. When traveling, clean water can usually be found (or made) one way or another and beer is always an enjoyable thirst-quencher – a great way to understand local culture. But coffee, good coffee, is not always easy to come by. Each country has a different interpretation of caffeine but below is a great article from’s Itineraries called A Caffeine Addict’s Guide to the World. Here’s the skinny for today:

Italy: Espresso
It should have a thick crema layer on top and you should drink it like a shot of vodka – one gulp… while standing, of course. You have to get the full experience.

Austria: Melange
Just like a cappuccino (espresso, milk, foam and whipped cream) and served with water so you cleanse your palette in between sips.

Ethiopia: Buna
This is where coffee was “invented” and true to its roots, it’s served with salt and butter instead of sugar and milk.

Mexico: Café de Olla
This is a pre-sweetened beverage brewed with spices – cinnamon sticks and dark brown sugar.

Saudi Arabia: Kahwa
In traditional coffee shops (where women aren’t allowed – don’t get me started), you’ll find this bitter brew, infused with cardamom and served with sweet snacks. Ladies, if you want to enjoy this jolt, you’ll likely have to go to an upscale hotel in the capital.

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