Travel Tip Tuesday

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday again! This week: DIY Travel Medical Kit

Super easy to make yourself!

Whether you’re traveling around the states (or your home country) or around the world, it’s a good idea to pack a medical kit. You can buy them pre-made from travel or outdoor stores but they’re also very easy to make yourself. (Hence the DIY part.) Here’s what we recommend including in your kit:

  • Advil/Ibuprofen – for pain, inflammation, and fever
  • Pseudoephedrine – nasal decongestant for sinus issues, ear popping or runny nose
  • Pepto Bismol tablets – for upset stomach and indigestion
  • Imodium tablets – for travelers diarrhea (A MUST-HAVE or you will regret it. Big time.)
  • Bug spray wipes with DEET (definitely want these if you’re in an area with malaria)
  • Antiseptic wipes – because soap and clean water aren’t always available when you need them
  • Antibiotic ointment – see above
  • Blister treatment – You can substitute Band-Aids but you might want actual Moleskin, especially if you’re doing a lot of hiking or walking
  • Sunscreen
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Electrolyte packets (or something to replenish nutrients due to vomiting/diarrhea)

Optional additions:

  • Band-Aids – you can usually find these in any sort of convenient store abroad
  • Gauze & waterproof tape – more difficult to find abroad but they can take up space in your kit
  • Tweezers – for splinters; I’ve never needed them but some travel sites recommend having them in your kit
  • Thermometer – there are pretty obvious signs of fever but if you prefer to read the numbers, then pack this
  • Icy Hot – a topical cream used to relieve muscle aches – you can substitute a hot shower or jacuzzi if available
  • Safety pins – for repairing torn clothes or making a sling

Depending on who you talk to or what you read, the list with vary. Do your research before you travel to see what the health risks are in the country you’re visiting and plan accordingly. See what you can buy at your destination so you can save space in your pack. And most importantly, make sure your medicine kit is in a WATERPROOF BAG. 

Happy packing!

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One thought on “Travel Tip Tuesday

  1. I love it that the two of you are encouraging preparedness in this way. I deal mostly with traveling in the wilderness, and I’ve found that simple things like having a first aid kit along with some basic equipment can help keep small medical issues small, and allow better reactions to big stuff. Your list is excellent; If I may, I’d suggest also including some nitrile exam gloves. These allow you to treat others safely, even when you don’t know their medical history. Also, having some exam gloves is always nice when dealing with sketchy travel situations where you don’t want to get anything “icky” on your hands. A good pair of bandage scissors is also nice, both for cutting bandages but also for cutting anything else that needs it. My final suggestion; toss some Benedryl (diphenyldramine) tablets in. Benedryl excels at treating allergic reactions such as those caused by insect stings/bites and those caused by foods, and can even be a life saver if someone has a major reaction (aka, difficulty breathing) to foods or stings. Its also safe to use as a sleep aid when traveling through time zones on airplanes (though you should probably avoid the 1st class wine…).

    Enjoy your trips! I might have to indulge in one of your braclets at some point!

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