Paper postcards from your PHONE!

I’ve recently discovered Travel Kit –’s travel team – and a few days ago, they posted a headline about sending paper postcards from your iphone/smart phone. I had skipped over the article until now which was a big mistake because it’s super cool! Technology can really be a great accessory to travel and adventure. Here’s how…

Postagram – Take a digital photo and send a postcard with a pop-out picture. The app makes your photo look kind of like an antique-y polaroid (like Instagram).

  • App cost: FREE
  • Mailing cost: 99 cents USD


Dotti – Similar to Postagram but you can take a “roll” of digital pictures (12 photos) and mail yourself the pictures. This app is good for someone who enjoys 35mm photography and likes to keep hardcopy prints instead of digital photos. Also, by mailing your pictures to yourself while you’re still traveling ensures that the pics are waiting for you when you return. It’s like a ‘Welcome Home’ present!

  • App cost: FREE
  • Printing/Mailing cost: $4.99 USD per roll


Cartolina Postale – With this app, you take a photo on your phone, “glue” it to one of the company’s pre-designed vintage backgrounds and send to your family/friends via snail mail! Not as hip as the previous options but still very cool and worth checking out.

  • App cost: FREE (iphones only, I think)
  • Printing/Mailing cost: $1.99 USD to US recipients or $2.99 USD to international recipients

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