Switzerland no longer neutral in nude hiking

Last year, we posted an article about Germany’s nude hiking debate: to allow or not to allow? This time, Switzerland is in the spotlight. (Oh, those Europeans).

The BBC reports the Swiss courts have ruled that local authorities can cite nude hikers for indecent exposure, even though the country as a whole does not have a national law against public indecency. Recently, a man was hiking through the Alps near the town of Appenzell (which mind you, is an extremely conservative Christian region – in fact, they only allowed women voting rights in 1990 – don’t even get me started) swingin’ right by a family picnic area (“with small children” the article added) and a Christian drug rehab center. So the guy was fined about $100 USD and the Swiss federal court threw out the man’s appeal, saying that nude hikers should look elsewhere for birthday-suit hiking trails.

Read BBC’s article here.

If you dig this type of “free” experience, you can check out the top places to legally hike naked. Locations are all over the world!

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