CNN Travel’s Guide to RTW Trips

Just today, CNN Travel posted an article from the Lonely Planet on how to plan a trip around the world (RTW). We’ll summarize the main points from the article:

  • Book a RTW ticket stopping at major airports (because the more obscure locations cost more)
  • All travel must be completed in a year and no backtracking with a RTW ticket
  • Think about what you want to see, do your research and consider weather in your plans
  • Cost of the RTW ticket is based on total distance and number of stops (number of countries)
  • North America and Europe are the most expensive while Asia and South America are the cheapest

Overall, the article isn’t bad for as vague as it is. It’s a good start for anyone who has ever considered doing a circumnavigation. For us, these tips are a little too broad. We want to leave our timeline open and we hope to use other means of transportation (freighters, walking, boats, bikes, etc.) And who knows? Maybe we’ll end up living in Hong Kong for a couple of years while we’re abroad – we don’t know. But we want to have the world at our fingertips – everywhere to go and all day to get there.

Another HIGHLY RECOMMENDED resource is the Rough Guides book to your First Time Around the World. It’ll give you more info on RTW flights, budgeting, weather, etc. – a more detailed version of CNN Travel’s article. Check it out!

Great book for travelers planning a RTW trip!

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One thought on “CNN Travel’s Guide to RTW Trips

  1. Bernard Ovink

    I found this a good article however you need to think about insurance, visa’s etc. A good overview of tickets around the world can be found in the link previous as well as other tips I found useful when planning my world trip. Also consider vaccinations, safety tips and equipment for purchase to accommodate the climates you will be visiting. A good tip would be to layer up and layer down clothing. Also follow your countries government travel advice. The UK for example has the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website that gives ‘advice by country’ and USA has the Bureau of Consular Affairs that has ‘country specific information’ and Austrailia has the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has ‘travel advice by destination’. These resources should give you a wealth of safe travel advice that is specific to the region you are travelling.

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