Travel Tip Tuesday!

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday again! And today’s topic: GERMS ON AIRPLANES. 

I am a self-professed germaphobe. I’m not nearly as bad as Howie Mandel or even Jack Nicholson in the movie, As Good As It Gets (i.e.: bringing my own flatware to restaurants) but things like door knobs, public transportation and handling money really bother me. Confined spaces are the worst – elevators and airplanes …. yuck! But below are some tips on how to nix germs on airplanes…. great tips for travelers!

A disclaimer: Germs are everywhere and are unavoidable (sadly) BUT there are ways to reduce your exposure to germs that cause sicknesses (colds and flu).

  1. Drink water – keeping your body hydrated is an easy way to keep your body healthy. It also flushes “toxins”.
  2. Use hand sanitizer – it has to go in your carry-on anyway, so it’ll already be close by on the plane. Use it!
  3. Use sanitizing wipes – wipe your tray table, arm rests and any button controls before you use them – the airlines aren’t as thorough when cleaning the plane as you think they’d be and germs can definitely be found on the tray tables that EVERYONE uses.
  4. Use nasal spray – it will keep your inner nose moist while you breathe in all of that filtered, dry air and will reduce the amount of sickness germs from getting further into your body.
  5. Air flow – direct those overhead air things away from your face …or at least in front of your face, so it blows any germs away from where you’d inhale them. Germs thrive in dry air (aka: at 30,000 feet where you fly), so you’re more susceptible to colds and the flu.
  6. Wash your hands when you get off the plane – you’ll probably have to pee after your plane ride anyway, so B-line to the bathroom and wash your hands (with soap!)

Germ Survival Guide

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2 thoughts on “Travel Tip Tuesday!

  1. TheBlackTwig

    This is informative. I always have a hand sanitizer with me, and wet wipes! 🙂

  2. Us too! Sanitizer and wet wipes are must-haves in our packs.

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