New To The Collection Is…

…the Base Camp 3-color paracord bracelet! One of our goals when we’re on our trip around the world (in Nepal) is to hike the Mount Everest South Base Camp Trek. The trek is about 8 days and will require us to acclimitize to the high altitute (over 17,000 feet). While we’re not professional mountaineers, we’ve been obsessed with Mt. Everest for a long time. We can’t wait to see the mountain in person and to step foot in base camp will be a great accomplishment for us. This bracelet was designed with our upcoming adventure in mind!

The Base Camp - 3-color paracord survival bracelet

You can check out more of our paracord gear and travel accessories at our online shop! We love custom orders and have tons of colors to choose from! Have a knot you’d like us to tie? Message us!

Find out more about how your purchases will help us travel around the world and be sure to hit up our itinerary to see all of the sweet places we’ll be visiting! And if you have any travel tips/advice, we’d LOVE to hear your stories.

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One thought on “New To The Collection Is…

  1. Nice post I like it, keep going and merry Christmas , God bless 🙂

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