Stopping in every state… to play HOCKEY!

Attention hockey fans and adventurers! A fellow adventurer, Jeff, is about to embark on an awesome adventure of a lifetime. Starting June 20th, he will be driving his trusty Subaru, Sam, around the United States and Canada to visit every U.S. state and Canadian province to explore and play hockey! Jeff’s trip will last roughly from June 20 – December 15, 2011. In the 6 months he’ll be traveling, Jeff will drive over 27,000 miles! He made a fantastic bucket list of things to do while he’s on his trip that includes things like, “See Alaska in the winter” and “See Spiderman, the musical, in New York”!

You’ll definitely want to check out his website and follow his trek! We can’t wait to read his updates! See his website here:


Jeff is a hockey goalie - photo courtesy of Jeff and his website, Stopping in Every State. Click the picture to be taken directly to his site!

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