Road Trip Snacks – What do you Eat?

We’re getting ready for our big cross-country road trip down south to our new home in Florida but we’re looking for good ideas for snacks. What do you pack when you’re going on a road trip or plane ride? Any suggestions for must-haves in our cooler? We’re both vegetarian (so no beef jerky, unfortunately) but we’re pretty low maintenance! If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them!

We’d prefer not to stop at fast food joints in an effort to save money and time. So far, our list of good east consists of:

  • Healthy wraps (hummus, spinach, lettuce, sliced cheese, shredded carrots, baked tofu and possibly a lite dressing)
  • Trail mix (thanks to my awesome mother who sent a road trip package to us yesterday. Thanks, mom!
  • Coke and Mountain Dew (we need caffeine somehow!)
  • Sliced apples
  • Small container of cheese spread (Morgan eats cheese religiously!)
  • Pretzels and crackers to go with the Morgan’s cheese spread (Thanks again, mom!)
  • Candy (Jr. Mints for September and Reese’s for me… because a sugar buzz is a good thing.)

We figure this list should cover us for the all-day trip down to Atlanta, Georgia on Friday (13 hours) and the rest of our drive from Atlanta to St. Pete, Florida on Saturday.

Photo courtesy of Cooking Light Magazine

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5 thoughts on “Road Trip Snacks – What do you Eat?

  1. That’s pretty healthy stuff (with the exception on the candy)! Good for you two! Can’t wait to see you on Friday!!!

  2. Woo hoo!! We’re so excited! Can’t wait to see you guys either!

  3. It’s a real problem. I’m starting a road trip to every state next week, and like you, I’ve struggled with what sort of food to bring. Coincidentally, I too am a vegetarian, which I agree makes the task all the more difficult.

    I’m planning on bringing tortillas, peanut butter, apples, bananas, hard cheeses, and so on. Probably also some seasonal fruits, like mangoes. In general, light foods that won’t sit heavy in my gut. One of my friends suggested Larabars for pre-packaged convenience, so I might bring those too.

    Overall though, I find I can’t eat much while driving or else I get sleepy. Maybe your stash of Mountain Dew will help you avoid that. 🙂

    • Jeff, your road trip sounds amazing! What a fun adventure that will be! How long do you plan to take to visit every state? Are you traveling solo or with friends? Will you be updating your blog as you go? So fun!

      Thanks for the suggestions on snacks! It’s a little tricky being vegetarian and trying to find foods that, like you said, won’t sit heavy in the gut but I love your idea of seasonal fruits. Those would be perfect. We’ll have to check out Larabars, too!

      Thanks for your tips and have a safe road trip around the States! We look forward to reading more about your adventures!

      Morgan (& September)

      • Thanks! I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be a solo journey for the most part, though I think I’ll be able to rope in some friends for certain legs. The blog will have all the latest.

        I look forward to following your journey, too!

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