Packing & Getting Ready to Move!

For the past 3 weeks, we’ve gone through our belongings and started to pack up our life here in Michigan. It has been lots of work but we’re very excited for this new adventure!

The beginning of our pile of stuff to load into the car....

The pile has since grown and includes fun stuff like September's guitar, my Michigan beer bucket, a big boxTop Knotch stuff and.....

.... a mini keg of Oberon!

Bell’s Oberon is one of the best beers you can find here in Michigan. It’s brewed in Kalamazoo (the west side of the state) and is one of our absolute favorite beers. One of the most difficult things about saying bye to Michigan (there are quite a lot of things we’ll miss) is saying bye to a delicious brew like this one. Lucky for us, this mini keg will help us break in our new home in Florida and will be a little [and very good] taste of Michigan!

Check out the Bell’s Brewery website here!:

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