Insight to Hiking Naked: An Article Written by a Nude Hiker Himself

We’ve seen a ton of hits over the past couple of days from our post about nude hiking in Germany and the Supreme Court debate about nude hiking in Switzerland. (We had no idea the Time Magazine article would be so popular among some our viewers!). For those of you interested in hiking naked in the United States, here is a link to an article written by a man in the Yukon who hikes nude (warning, there are some photos but no “inappropriate” body parts can be seen.) It’s an interesting perspective if you have an open mind.

Read the article here: 

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2 thoughts on “Insight to Hiking Naked: An Article Written by a Nude Hiker Himself

  1. Hi Top Knotch Gear I like your blog

  2. Thanks, Lawren! So glad you found us!

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