Travel Tip Tuesday!

Travel tip #14: Wanderfly!

When you’re thinking about taking your next trip, try using Wanderfly. It’s an online site that can help you plan your trip around whatever budget you have to spend. Just enter the time you want to travel (i.e.: early October, mid July, etc.), the city you’d leave from, the number of days/weeks you’d like to be gone and your rough budget per person. Then, the fun part. You can choose the TYPE of trip you want to take. Wanderfly has everything from adventure to eco, romantic to history. You can choose all the categories that interest you and Wanderfly will work its magic. Click ‘Get Going’ and Wanderfly will generate a list of destinations that fit your budget and type of getaway you’re looking for. It also gives you ideas for accommodations, activities and even includes pictures of each destination! Even if a vacation isn’t in the near future for you, it’s fun to experiment with different destinations to see what fun adventures Wanderfly will create for you. Check it out!

A great travel resource!

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