RELOCATING to Florida!

Top Knotch Gear is relocating to Florida! We will be leaving southeast Michigan next week to move to St. Petersburg, Florida for a new adventure….

We're moving!

September’s family has purchased a beachside business on Treasure Island (about 15 minutes outside of St. Pete) called Beach Snoballs! It’s a New Orleans-based business that sells frozen desserts called Snoballs. Snoballs, for those who are unfamiliar, are finely shaved ice treats that are super soft and shaved right off of the ice block, fresh every day (it’s so soft, it’s like eating velvet). All of the syrups at Beach Snoballs are natural, preservative-free and made on-site so beach-goers on the Gulf can have a healthy, low-calorie treat on those hot summer days. If you’re in the St. Pete/Tampa/Treasure Island area, stop by to say hi and check us out! And be sure to bookmark the website because we’ll be updating it often with new info, store updates, contests, photos and Snoballs coupons!

Our new business! Beach Snoballs!

We’ll continue to make our paracord gear but from our new location! We will be putting TKG and Top Knotch Travels on a small ‘vacation’ (read: hiatus) starting June 15th until we get settled in our new, sunny home. Please make any purchases as soon as possible and before the 15th so we can get your gear in the mail before we leave.

TKG will be on a brief vacation starting June 15th. Please make any purchases before then.

We love adventures!

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