Answers to Yesterday’s Travel Test!

Photograph #1: The Colosseum – Rome, Italy

Photograph #2: The Sydney Opera House – Sydney, Australia

Photograph #3: Moai Statues – Easter Island, Chile (considered a Polynesian island, Easter Island itself is a territory of Chile.)

Photograph #4: The Great Wall of China – China (the wall stretches for nearly 4,000 miles across mainland China, so the exact location could really be anywhere. This photograph was shot at the Badaling location.)

Next week, we’ll post another travel test with different pictures. The first person to post the name of the site and the location of the site will WIN FREE GEAR FROM TOP KNOTCH GEAR! You can either post your answers as a comment on our blog or as a comment on our Top Knotch Gear Facebook page ( Stay tuned! 

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