Travel Tip Tuesday!

Travel tip #11: One of the most important and most daunting parts of traveling is PACKING. What to pack, how much to pack, what not to pack… it can be overwhelming! Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you make packing both easier and lighter:

  • Environment: What hemisphere are you visiting and what time of year is it? What are the average day/night temperatures for the time you’ll be there? Is it the rainy or dry season?
  • Culture: Are you a female and are you expected to dress modestly? If you’re planning on visiting temples or sacred sites, do your shoulders/arms need to be covered?
  • Activities: Are you attending a business conference or are you taking a beach getaway? Depending on what you’ll be doing on your trip will influence what you pack.
  • Space: Are you planning on staying in a hostel or on a train? Do you have your own villa or bungalow? If you don’t have a ton of space, pack less. When you’re sharing a small space with someone, you don’t want your belongings all over the place.
  • Weight: We always travel with our packs – that’s it. If it doesn’t fit in the pack, it doesn’t come on the trip. Obviously, the more stuff you pack, the more weight you’ll have to carry.
  • Buy it there: Don’t bother packing shampoo, soap, etc. because you’ll almost always be able to find that at your destination. Even sundresses can be purchased on the beaches in most places abroad – they’re inexpensive, too! So wait to get your sarong when you get to Thailand.
Best advice (particularly for backpackers or hostel-hoppers): Lay out everything you’d want to pack if you had all the space in the world. Then, take 1/3 of it. 
Second best piece of advice: LAYER. Whether you’re traveling on a plane, train, boat, yak, etc. if you dress in layers, you can always remove excess clothing if you get too hot without compromising space in your pack. Getting pants that can unzip to yield shorts is a great way to go because you basically get 2 pieces of clothing for the space of 1! A lightweight shirt can be used a beach coverup, a dress shirt for dinner, a modest shirt when visiting temples and a lightweight shirt for your sunburn.
Happy packing!
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4 thoughts on “Travel Tip Tuesday!

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  3. Liz

    On long (especially overseas) flights I wear “Travel Sox.” They are tight compression socks that help with blood flow to help stop that bloated leg/foot feeling. Did not have them when I went to Europe, but I did on my trip to China, and with a 19 hour plane ride, they helped a lot! They can be found here.

    • I’ve heard of these! You think they help? We’ll have to look into getting some pairs. The plane rides to China are SO long – these Travel Sox sound like great gear to have. Thanks so much for sharing!

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