10 places where you can escape world conflict

With the recent events in today’s media, escaping world conflict may not be such a bad idea. Below is a list of 10 countries you may want to plan a getaway to – they are (for the most part) free of world conflict and are great for relaxing:

  1. Switzerland – Seems like an amazing country to visit.
  2. Costa Rica – On our list already!
  3. Papua New Guinea – So much to explore!
  4. Canada – Hey neighbor!
  5. Seychelles – We’d run away here any day.
  6. Finland – Will definitely be a destination on our Euro trip someday.
  7. Tuvalu – One of the most remote places in the entire world!
  8. Iceland – Very cool and very intriguing.
  9. Bhutan – Happiness is said to be their Gross National Product. That by itself makes me happy.
  10. New Zealand – Beautiful environment and the Kiwis are supposed to be some of the nicest people on Earth. NZ is on our itinerary!

Tuvalu - extremely remote and fantastically serene

You can read more details about the 10 countries where you can escape world conflict here: http://www.expatify.com/advice/10-best-places-to-live-for-escaping-world-conflict.html

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6 thoughts on “10 places where you can escape world conflict

  1. Great list – I’ve still got 8/10 to go – looks like more traveling for me! =)

  2. Awesome! Where have you traveled? Any recommendations?

  3. hello there, fantastic site, and an amazing understand! at least one for my favorites.

  4. TheBlackTwig

    Cool! And I agree that these are the “peaceful” countries. I’m eyeing Bhutan as well.

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