New TKG Prayer Flag Bracelet

Alex Lowe was an incredible mountaineer who was known for his stamina, humility and passion for adventure. He made numerous skiing and climbing first ascents on mountains around the around and even lead a rescue team up Mt. Denali to save a group of stranded climbers. In 1999, Alex was climbing in the Himalayas when he and his climbing buddies were caught in a massive, deadly avalanche.

The Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation (ALCF) was erected in Lowe’s honor to promote humanitarian programs in Nepal. The Khumbu Climbing School is an instructional program designed to teach Nepali climbers and high-altitude workers about safe climbing practices, wilderness first aid, proper knotting techniques and rope management.

Top Knotch Gear’s Prayer Flag bracelet was inspired by the Tibetan and Nepali prayer flags hung throughout the mountains that together, symbolize health and harmony. Similar to an Asian wish bracelet, when you receive your bracelet, you make a wish – if the knots unravel, your wish will come true. Each bracelet has adjustable paracord ‘beads’ and a one-size-fits-most adjustable knot/loop closure.

$2 from each Prayer Flag bracelet sale will be donated to the Khumbu Climbing School in Nepal. Help others safely enjoy the spirit of adventure as much as we do!

For more information about the Khumbu Climbing School and the ALCF, see the resources below:

Our new Prayer Flag bracelet for the Khumbu Climbing School in Nepal!

Each color symbolizes the different elements and together they make harmony.

The paracord 'beads' are adjustable so you can keep them pushed together or spread them out as you like.

$2 USD from every Prayer Flag bracelet sale goes to the Khumbu Climbing School. Buy a bracelet and help a sherpa learn safe climbing practices!

For those who have never seen Tibetan Prayer Flags before

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