Travel Tip Tuesday!

Travel tip # 10: The timing of your trip is one of the first things to consider when traveling. Most of the world travels around Christmas time or spring holiday, so these people also pay inflated prices for the climax in tourist season. If you are able, consider traveling in the off-season or at the very beginning or very end of tourist times. You’ll save big bucks when it comes to flights, hotel or hostel rooms, even tours and food. You’ll avoid masses of people, long queues and crowded transportation. Who can complain?

There is, however, something to be said for visiting a country or city during busy times – like for festivals, carnivals and celebrations. These times can be memorable, stimulating and an overall blast. In fact, many of these special times wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t draw all the people. Just know that you’ll most likely end up paying a few extra dollars compared to what you would pay if you visited any other time of the year.

Either way, enjoy yourself, soak up the experience and be safe!

Consider timing your trip so that you avoid tourist season... unless you don't mind people and crowds.

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