Happy Spring from Top Knotch Gear!

Happy Spring from Top Knotch Gear! We don’t celebrate Easter much anymore but we LOVE springtime! Here are some random pictures we took in honor of the spring season…

These are pictures of our pet rabbit named Bunny. We couldn’t really come up with a name for her (she was a spur-of-the-moment, rather unplanned adoption) so we just named her Bunny. She’s a little over 5 years old and the most fuzzy, lovable, amazing pet.

Bunny is litter-trained, just like a cat, so we let her hop around the apartment day and night. She’s usually really hyper in the morning between 5-10AM. Then, at 10AM, Bun hops into the bedroom and sleeps under our bed for the afternoon. Sometimes we’ll see her come out briefly for food, water or a pee break but she mostly just stays under the bed until about 6:30PM when she’s hyper again and ready to play for the evening.

Our apartment is nearly all carpet except for the bathroom and the kitchen – lucky for Bunny. She’s not too keen on hopping around the tile floor in the bathroom. She prefers the carpet – to both hop on and dine on. (For some reason, carpet is very appetizing to her. In fact, we often catch her with carpet strands hanging out of her mouth or stuck on her whiskers.)

We’ve designated a spacious closet as Bunny’s “house.” This is her special space where her litter box, food, water and treats are. Since the floor is tile, we cover it in towels so she can hop around without slipping. Her favorite foods are baby carrots, broccoli stalks (with the leaves) and raisins. In the background, you can see what’s left of her tiki hut. When we adopted Bunny, she was much skinnier and smaller. Apparently, we’ve fattened her up because she can no longer fit inside her tiki hut like she used to. Ha!

And below are pictures of a Peep bouquet September and I made for my grandma for Easter. We bought a flower pot with artificial leaves from the Salvation Army and then we just colored some wooden cooking skewers with green permanent marker and stuck marshmallow Peeps on top of them. A springtime craft I’m sure my grandmother will adore!

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