This Earth Day, ditch the disposable cup!

This Friday, April 22nd, is EARTH DAY! And to celebrate our awesome planet and promote environmentally-conscious living, businesses across the country are having all kinds of eco-friendly giveaways. Now, any other time I would advocate for buying local, supporting local and doing everything local because, after all, local is better. BUT, Starbucks has a very compelling commercial that (if you’re like me) will make your jaw drop because of its creativity and its environmental smack in your face (in a very good way). Starbucks will be giving you a free coffee on Earth Day when you bring in your reusable mug. The company is trying to promote conscious choice-making, especially when it comes to disposable coffee cups. Here are the highlights you’ll find at your [local] Starbucks on Earth Day this Friday:

  • FREE COFEE when you bring in your own reusable mug.
  • Don’t have a reusable mug? THEY’RE 20% OFF at Starbucks AND you’ll still get the FREE COFFEE.
  • Don’t want to buy a reusable mug? Weird but okay. You can request a FOR HERE cup and STARBUCKS WILL PAY YOUR COFEE TAB.
  • And anytime you bring your own mug/reusable container to Starbucks, you get $.20 off your coffee (in America – not sure what the deals are around the world.)
Okay so here’s the commercial for Earth Day 2011 at Starbucks. It’s AWESOME!

And if you want to read the Earth Day blog entry posted directly from the Starbucks Global Responsibility Manager (how do I get her job?), you can find it here:

Lastly, I do want to put a plug in for local coffee shops: They are wonderful for your local economy, they’re great hangout spots with usually really interesting artwork and music and most have fantastic pastries. Check around your city/town to see if a LOCAL coffee shop is running some sort of Earth Day special – it may be as good if not better than what Starbucks is doing! And, wherever you go, don’t forget to DITCH THE DISPOSABLE CUP and bring your reusable mug.

Choose to live the GREEN life.

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