Travel Tip Tuesday!

Travel tip #9: Layovers don’t have to be an annoying waste of time. Use them as built in adventure time during your travels to visit a nearby city/town, explore your surroundings, or dine at a local hot spot. On my second trip to China, I had a 14 hour layover in Los Angeles, California. Then, it was announced over the loud speaker that my plane would be delayed an additional 2 hours. Instead of sleeping on an uncomfortable plastic airport seat or paying big bucks for overpriced pizza, I found a map of L.A., figured out the public transit and took a bus down to Santa Monica and the pier – my pack and all! I vagabonded around for the afternoon, ate some fantastic gelato, watched street performers, took pictures and soaked in the sun before flying halfway around the world. It was great!

So the next time you have a layover, consider leaving the airport for a while and exploring the outside world (just be sure to leave yourself with enough time to check back in and get through security before your departure.) You never know what you might find!

Dont dread your layover - use it as time to EXPLORE!

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