The Zero Waste Home

Many of us (hopefully all of us) live in a way that, at the very least, is environmentally conscious – we use recyclable bags at the grocery store, we turn lights off when we leave our apartments and we buy local whenever possible. But that is just the beginning. One California family lives a zero-waste lifestyle. They do not buy any food in packaging and they throw NOTHING out.

Their trash from the past 6 months fits in a small drinking glass (note: this is a 4-person family we’re talking about.)

The family’s motto: “Refuse, refuse, refuse. Then reduce, reuse, recycle – and only in that order.”

For some us, this lifestyle would certainly be an adjustment. I know September and I wouldn’t be able to find unpackaged tofu very easily (southeast Michigan is already not very vegetarian friendly) and we’d have to forego other necessities like bunny food (did I mention we have a bunny?), tampons and paracord for our business.

But this no-waste family can make us stop and think – how much of what we buy is packaged? How much of that packaging is non-recyclable? How much of our food is imported? (In Americans’ cases, from Mexico or Canada?). Do we make every effort to recycle whenever possible?  Stop and think about it for a sec…..

To learn more about the family and their zero-waste lifestyle, check out their blog! They offer zero-waste tips to newbies and you can even watch their interview from the Today show (aired this morning).

The zero waste kitchen. Store foods in glass jars instead of plastic bags - EASY!

Mesh bags are great for produce. And bread can be purchased fresh (preferably from your local grocery store or bakery) and then frozen until you want to eat it. Yum!

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