United States of the Environment

Which state do you live in? How does it excel, contribute and positively impact the environment? (We apologize for only having a U.S. map of individual states and not a world map of countries – although, there may be one out there. We’ll look and see if we can find one!)

We live in MICHIGAN! The state with the best fresh water access!

How can your state improve? What can YOU do to help your state help the environment?

Invasive species, like Asian Carp, are a huge issue in the Great Lakes Region.

While some damage is irreversible, we can start TODAY by bettering the world we live in – or in this case, the states we live in. Cut down CO2 emissions and smog by carpooling, riding a bike to work or being more conscious of how much junk you emit into the atmosphere (including smoke from cigarettes). Don’t hunt already endangered species or contribute to the spread of invasive species. Dispose of waste (toxic, animal or otherwise) appropriately and if you must use chemicals, consider using eco-friendly chemicals (particularly for your law, plants, etc.) – but we advocate not using chemicals at all.

So take a stand to protect the environment and preserve the world we live in… because it IS POSSIBLE to make a difference.

Choose to live the GREEN life.

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2 thoughts on “United States of the Environment

  1. Major addict of this website, a great deal of your blogposts have definitely helped me out. Awaiting updates!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! We’re glad that you’re able to use some of the tips we blog about. We really appreciate your support and hope you’ll stop back again soon!

      September & Morgan – Top Knotch Gear

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