Travel Tip Tuesday!

Travel tip #6: This tip is goes out to everyone but is particularly important for ladies who might be traveling: Leave expensive (or expensive-looking) jewelry/clothing/hand bags/sunglasses/electronics/etc. at home – like in your country of origin – when traveling. The more bling or expensive clothing you wear in public, the more attention you will draw to yourself – and it’s not always good attention! Being conscious of your appearance will reduce your chances of getting mugged (at the very least) in a foreign country. Keep your money and passport hidden on your person, lock your day pack (TSA approved locks are found nearly everywhere), and try to blend in as best as you can with the culture you are visiting. Our best tip: walk around with confidence – even if you have no idea where you are or where you are going, projecting confidence will deter many thieves.

Safe travels!

Get some TSA-approved locks for your luggage or pack

I use these locks religiously when I travel. It's better to be safe, than sorry.

For more travel tips from travel experts, check out the Lonely Planet!

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One thought on “Travel Tip Tuesday!

  1. Great tip! I’ll keep that in mind!

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