Around The World-Themed Birthday Party!

Grown ups aren’t the only ones who enjoy traveling and exploring the world – kids can have a blast pretending to globetrot, too! For a fun time, try throwing an around-the-world birthday party!

The invitations: Plane tickets! If you have a computer and printer, you can easily download or make templates that represent plane tickets. Date of flight (date of party), boarding time (time party begins), departure time (time party ends), destination (location of your awesome party) and a reservation confirmation (the RSVP section)!

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The decorations: Try decorating the party space with an international theme. Different tables can represent different countries where you have arts & crafts, food and fun facts about countries in that continent! The kids can all have hand-made passports (easy to do with scrap book paper and a computer). Each table can have a special stamp or sticker and as kids make their way ‘around the world’ (i.e.: table hop), you can stamp/sticker their passports just like you would on a real-life trip! Flags are a great and easy way to show kids global diversity and different food websites can offer recipes for easy-to-make snacks from countries around the world.

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Parents – You can dress up as flight attendants/airplane pilots complete with ID lanyards (you can have Top Knotch Gear make them), wings and a uniform! You can fly (lead) a group of kids from country to country, continent to continent so the kids can get their passport stamps and learn about the world. (We would recommend refraining from having a customs check at each location. Customs aren’t fun.)

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This is a GREAT blog post from a mom who threw her 5-year old an around-the-world birthday party. Wonderful pictures, tips and ideas if you are looking to do the same:

Don’t forget an around-the-world themed cake!

Click the picture to visit the party blog!

My (Morgan’s) birthday is the end of April and I am seriously considering throwing myself one of these parties – 24-year old style! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea for a birthday party. And like I said, I think it’s great for kids AND grown ups! Happy birthday!

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3 thoughts on “Around The World-Themed Birthday Party!

  1. That would be a lot of fun!

  2. The party sounds AWESOME!

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