The Michigan Difference

I just love this school – my alma mater.

If you’re unfamiliar with the University of Michigan, this is the Rock. A huge rock at the corner of Hill and Washtenaw, covered in layers and layers of paint from students over the years. It’s a UM tradition that every student paints at least once during his or her undergraduate career. The University of Michigan is known for its dedication to service around the world – be in in health, technology, the Peace Corps, everything. Painting the rock with ‘Pray for Japan’ serves as a reminder that we are in this together, that even from afar, people of all countries can come together to support each other, and Japan, during times of need.

The Rock - Photo courtesy of the University of Michigan

This is the Michigan difference. GO BLUE!

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One thought on “The Michigan Difference

  1. Very deep words the rock says.

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