We have been so busy with orders over the past day, that we don’t even know how much has been raised for Japan. Last night when we went to bed around 1AM, $385 had been raised – that’s after only 13 hours of exposure online.

Today (technically yesterday), March 16, we had 174 orders for Japan disaster relief gear. We have been so busy ¬†filling orders, that we haven’t even totaled the amount of money that has been raised for Japan thus far. We know we have broken $1,000 but the exact amount is TBD. We’ll pass it along once we figure it out!

Orders continue to roll in – even as we speak….or write. Thank you to all who have supported Japan in our efforts to raise money for disaster relief through the American Red Cross. Let’s make tomorrow another great day for Japan! Check out our Etsy store for the Japan paracord bracelet and good luck knot key chains that we’re making to raise money for those in need in Japan.




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