127 Hours

If you haven’t already seen the 6-time Oscar nominated film 127 Hours, you’ll want to. Whether you’re a climber, hiker, adventure-seeker or someone who just appreciates the fresh air outside, we guarantee this film will make your heart race and your palms sweat like crazy.

Already knowing the plot, (we had seen Aron interviewed on TV), we assumed this film might just be another halfway attempt to document a dude’s bad luck in the outdoors, with some great shots of Utah scattered throughout. In fact, I thought I could even sum up the movie without seeing it: Man goes hiking, man falls in canyon, man gets stuck for a long time, man has multi-tool, man needs tourniquet and now man is famous. Right? WRONG! We were on the edges of our seats for the entire movie! From the moment Aron (played by the talented James Franco) finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place, literally, to the moment the camera is covered in sand from the rescue helicopter, we found ourselves itching to see how Aron was going to survive in the canyon. Throughout the film, you could hear the entire audience captivated by the scenery. You could hear a collective ‘Ugh!’ when the only thing left for Aron to drink was his own urine and you could hear every single person in the audience cringe with both pain and fascination at the end of the movie as Aron pulled out his multi-tool in an effort to save his own life.

This film is INTENSE. But it is so worth it. We highly recommend checking it out at your local theatre and getting in on some of this action. And who knows? It may inspire you to get out, go climbing or canyoneering, and have an adventure of your own! Just don’t forget to leave a note explaining where you’re going and be sure to bring a friend with you. And your multi-tool.

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